Dear CAIS family,

This year, 2022, appears to be the end of the COVID pandemic's dark grip over the world. We don't know what the immediate future will bring, but all of us are planning for a brighter 2023 school year with the hope that the cloud of the pandemic is past. The world is not like the world many of us grew up in due to the changes brought about by the COVID epidemic, social media, the worldwide economy, and recent international events.

Most people do not do well with change, so many are fearful of where the world is going. It is important for schools and families, especially, to provide a safe and secure environment for the most vulnerable members of society, our children.

Our school faculty is dedicated to creating a place where your children can grow into confident, capable, and resilient youth. We want to help them become young adults who will exhibit habits of thoughtfulness, faithfulness, and respect for themselves and others. Our goal is that each one will be known not only for their knowledge and abilities, but for their integrity and high moral values in a world where so many believe these qualities are outdated.

Parents, with your help, we can reach these goals for the eternal success of our students.

Students, your hard work and faithful effort working towards these goals will give you a solid foundation on which to build your life and future achievements.

Thank you for being a part of our Cambodia Adventist International School family. We value each and every one of you and your contribution to our school.


Dean, Edwards